Happy Valentine's Day!


Her first Valentine's day!

Valentine's dress (fits better than at Christmas!)

Funny story: People are nice. And mean well. But yesterday, after a huge diaper explosion after eating at the Olive Garden and walking out of Borders bookstore, a man followed us out and commented on our daughter (wearing the above dress minus the headband). It went something like this:

"He ... Well, I don't know if your baby is a boy or a girl ..."

"She's a girl."

"Well, she sure is cute."


"Red is one of those off colors... I just didn't know."


I mean, yeah, so the tiny lady is bald. We can't really be offended if she's wearing blue and someone thinks she's a boy. I get that. But when she's in a red dress with a big bow and a pink apple carrier and purple casts... a boy? Really?

Do you think red is an "off" color??



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  3. Um, yeah. It never ceases to amaze me how silly people are sometimes. I've had people call Hannah Beth a "he" when she's wearing pink.. Go figure.