Goals for the New Year


Happy New Year! We are back in session on the blog and I'm excited. I've got some fun posts.

Photo Credit: E. Allen

So, are you a list-maker? I write (or follow) a list probably every day. Mostly because I can't remember everything to begin with ... but lists are just so helpful!  I've decided that, for me, "making goals" is like writing down a list of things I'm already in the works of doing or things that I already really want to do. Instead of setting a bunch of lofty goals of things I may or may not do, I want to just play off of what I'm already thinking about or doing and simply make a list to follow. Or keep me on track.

If you are a list-maker you know that wonderful feeling of making a list and crossing things off! Woo hoo! Love it.

So, here's my list for 2012. What's yours?

Continue to develop my personal style.

Try to understand my lack of motivation to exercise.

Organize the rooms of the house to my satisfaction (and when it's done, be satisfied!).

Write one significant letter/note a month.

Hold a holiday booth at the church Holiday Market (November). 

Increase sales at my etsy shop

See you soon!


  1. I especially like, "try to understand my lack of motivation to exercise." When you get that figured out, can you try to understand my lack of motivation?

  2. :-) Sure, I'll let you know. Although the operative word here is "try" so I'm not sure it'll happen. Hopefully I'll make some progress though. hehe!

  3. My husband told me about an amazing athlete (whose name I of course can't remember) who said that he doesn't train to compete, he competes so he'll train. Competitions are his motivation to stay in shape. So maybe you should enter a competition of some sort. Like roller-derby.