a snowy day {and probably our only one!}


As most places in the US this winter, Kansas City has been unseasonably warm. Much to most people's happiness... but my husband's dismay.

I like ALL of the seasons because just when you think "okay, {insert season} has gone on long enough!" it's probably almost time for a change. That's why I struggled living in a place with only two seasons (wet and dry) and tell my husband in regards to his ever complaint versus warm weather, "Sure, we can move to Alaska, if you want a severely depressed wife!" I just like the changing seasons.

However, this year I've also missed winter. Not the dirty snow or the absolutely-freeze-your-butt-off cold temps, but just the fact that soon it will be spring. It's already been spring - like three times. Even the tree out back is confused and budding in February. So I'm not looking forward to spring as I do most winters and I have missed the beautiful falling snow. (Warm and cozy inside with a hot drink and wrapped in a blanket, of course.)

Last night we got our first inch of snow of the year and I have a feeling it will be our only. So, we took advantage of it and went outside to play for a whole 7.35 minutes. Still, it was fun.


:-) What season is your favorite?


  1. she seems to like the snow! =) and so glad her coat got more use! <3

  2. Grandpa5:20 PM

    Anyone but winter!!

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