Valentine's day fun.


We had a busy, yet fun day yesterday celebrating Valentine's Day.

(One of her newest tricks ... lifting up shirts to look at your side. Even did it to a practical stranger!)

We both sent Valentines with Daddy in his lunch. He said it put a big smile on his face. Hers was a picture Valentine, a special from, and mine was handmade from my magazine word collection. Attached was a small Dove milk chocolate heart. YUM!

Ladybug sent Valentines to the Grandmas and Grandpas and I also gave sweet little Valentines to my piano students along with huge heart-shaped sugar cookies. Each had their name written on them in their favorite color frosting. One little girl gave me a Valentine with Fun-Dip attached. YES! I love V-day candy.

Rockin' the nose wrinkle while I'm trying to actually shoot our Valentine's Day dinner table.

Oh, here it is. Yes, that is wine. No, I don't drink it. However, it makes AMAZING fondue. We got this fondue set for our wedding 4 years ago and haven't used it until yesterday!

I went hunting around looking for the canned fuel - 3 places and one phone call later, I finally found the right size (2.6oz). Thanks Ace Hardware! Unfortunately, the flame burned so hot through the rather thin metal that it was burning it within about 3 seconds. So, we really didn't need them at all. There goes an hour and a half of my day and 8 bucks. Oh well.

I found this recipe for the fondue and went to find the cheese at Target.

Instead of Emmental (Emmentaler) cheese, they had the recipe's substitute, Jarlsberg, and Gruyere.
Each kind of cheese was 8 ounces and $7.99 and $8.99 respectively, but then I spotted this:


It was Gruyere and Emmentaler cheeses together, already grated and mixed with cornstarch. I generally don't go for the pre-made/pre-grated packages but the price was right on this baby. So, I saved myself time and about half the money getting the pre-packaged stuff.

We used most of the directions on the recipe and combined it with the measurements on the back of the pkg and it turned out so yummy! I admit to be quite impressed with the packaged stuff. Combine that with a fancy salad and baguette chunks and you've got yourself a Valentine's day feast.



How did you celebrate?


  1. I celebrated with my wife!

  2. We had fish and broasted potatoes and strawberry shortcake with REAL shortcakes!