a 21 month old


And it's already (past) time for an age update on a certain little girl! Wow. Only 3 months until she's 2 - I can't believe it! I was so ready for her to be 1 but now I'm not so sure I want her to be two. Ah well, it comes anyway, huh?

This girl had SO much fun in Ohio - especially because the weather was absolutely beautiful. She could actually play outside! G & G took her all around the country acre they have and she couldn't get enough of the flowers, horses, dogs ...

... and creepy crawlies ...

... and the grass between her toes. It was wonderful! Especially since she was so exhausted from being on the go, she slept really well. We decided she's a country girl at heart.

And we went for another spin in the old Ford. Hasn't she grown?!

At 21 months she is:

- walking/running and doing stairs quite well
- getting into EVERYTHING and more
- sits at the table to eat her breakfast and lunch
- talks a bunch, although not all of it is understandable. Her favorite words: Mama, Daddy, Jacks (Jackson), pop (pacifier), ball, yeah, no, dog, and Ella (emphasis on the LA), bee (bird), wawa (water), etc.
- still signs when she's hungry; she refuses to say it!
- wears size 18 months in clothing and size 3s in shoes
- loves to eat carbs (bread, pasta, pretzels, chips, crackers, sweets -- although we do try to keep the non-nutritious snack food at a minimum) and fruit
- pretty much doesn't eat meats except for bacon and sausage (also at a minimum)
- blows kisses to random strangers and loves to say "bye-bye!"
- is SO friendly. I can't even believe it!

Much more to say, but I can't think of it all now. We are still smitten by this girl!

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