oh Ladybug...


We've had our moments lately with this girl.

One day we're rolling in laughter and utterly complete cuteness.

The next I'm pulling her off the table ten times, grabbing bitten kiwis, smashed tomatoes, keys, papers, etc out of her quick little fingers and salvaging crumpled books, pen-scribbled floors and righting (purposefully) dripping sippy cups. And a few of my nasty mama claws come out.

Ever have those days? Confession time: sometimes it's just hard to be a patient Mama when frustrations drive me up the wall and I don't get a break. And I think it's okay to be irritated, because those days come. But when they do, I need to be prepared to apologize if something comes out of my mouth I don't really mean or I am harsher in my actions than I want to be. I can't expect perfection from myself nor will I, but I do want to shower this girl with love even on those days I'm not feelin' the love myself.

I'm learning. And it is so much fun to see this sweet child grow and develop. And finding her with Daddy's socks on (completely her doing) or listening to her giggle and say new words or play with her dolls ... my heart just swells.

May God give the grace I need to get through the aforementioned days and bless me with small moments of realization and understanding of this tiny gift I have.

(In other news, we're gone again to celebrate my hubby's birthday and will be back in a week ... see you then!!)

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