a SWEET Halloween


We had lots of fun yesterday. I showed Ladybug her butterfly costume in the morning and she was smitten. She pretty much wore it all day.

so plush and comfy. Aren't those iridescent wings sweet?

On her first Halloween out, she was only slightly hesitant at first saying, "tricktreat" and picking one piece of candy. But by the end, she was saying, "Mowe! Mowe!" (more) and we had to steer her gently away and remind her to say thank you. We're still working on those skills.

Finally we had to convince her that it indeed was time to come back home. She "knocked" on our door and we scooped her up and dumped out all the candy. I had given her a dum-dum sucker from the bank a few days ago and she must've remembered because she was trying to eat it with the wrapper on!

her stash

And ... the end result. After two suckers and lots of sucker drool, she was ready for bed. hehehe. 

Two years ago we were waiting, waiting, waiting for this little butterfly to be born - after awhile it didn't matter if she shared her birthday with Halloween or not! She had other plans though. Birthday girl news coming up next week!

Ciao until then.

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