Christmas for us


Christmas Eve...

I "debuted" my piano playing at our church (after keeping it under wraps for 2 years because I needed a break still!) on Christmas Eve. That was fun, yet I was so incredibly (surprisingly!) nervous. I haven't played since I was a volunteer in Europe 6 years ago, so it must've just been because of the length of time ... but gah! Sweaty palms and heart arrhythmia... not my favorite feelings, but it was great to debut with well-known Christmas carols, easy to play and jazz up.

Before that, we had our (now) traditional Christmas Eve dinner of raclette! A Swiss meal with melted raclette cheese, pickled veggies over new potatoes.

Add some spices...

And some different toppings for those not interested in pickles ...

And of course the cheese!

It melts into wonderful goodness that I have sorely missed! I ate helping after helping, even Jeremy was surprised. "You're having more?"


Christmas Day...

...our present opening mess.

... our little pj-ed lady in hats.

A family shot right before we ran out the door with our hastily baked goodies for Christmas dinner with good friends. Phew! The rest of the evening was relaxed and wonderful. I tickled the ivories just for myself, Ladybug played with a big doll house, Jeremy video gamed and we chatted and ate.

I shared this on Facebook, but our nativity looked quite intriguing this year... (all her doing, I assure you.)

And our sweet pea who thoroughly enjoyed new toys and unwrapping fruit snacks and just the general hub-bub of Christmas.

How were your holidays? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I kept forgetting to tell you that you did a wonderful job on Christmas Eve! Thanks so much! Your Swiss meal looks so good! Annette