family pictures


We took family pictures before Christmas. It was supposed to be 50 degrees that day but it was chilly and soooo windy! Boo Kansas. Ladybug made it through the majority of the time, but she definitely wasn't herself. Her poor mouth/nose was chapped - we both had colds and her nose was running so badly! The cold plus colds was not a good combination. I think we missed capturing a lot of her personality because of it.

Oh well. We got some good shots regardless.

Here are some of my favorites from the day.

She wore: borrowed white sweater dress, little pink shrug, light pink tights, and tan boots. 

Mama wore: vintage dress from Wild Man Vintage, borrowed cardigan, brown woven belt from Target, over-the-knee sweater socks from Khols (I don't recommend these!! I was forever pulling them up), and brown shoes. 

Daddy wore: thrifted Gap sweater, nice jeans, Pendleton hat and brown shoes from Germany


  1. love these! Such an adorable family!

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    These are awesome! Annette

  3. Cute pics of your family! I love the pics of just you and the Hubs too. We had family pics taken this year, but I got none of just Z and I, which I totally regret. I have to remember that next time we get pics, it's important!

  4. These pictures are great!