A few firsts.


Since our little lady turned three, I've decided a few changes need to happen.

Her first haircut!

{Ladybug} had some nasty, straggly pieces in the back. I evened it up, but it doesn't look too much shorter in the picture. However, when it's dry it curls right up her neck and looks so nice! What a difference cutting off a couple of scraggly ends can make.

 (And the gratuitous "pose with the hairdresser (a.k.a. mommy)" picture.)

I'm also getting rid of the little potty (shoot, I'm sick of wiping pee off the floor!) and we're going to take the side off the crib once we get one of the little railings to hold her in. After she fell out of a hotel bed twice one night, I have a feeling it will take a little bit for her to get used to a big girl bed. I mean, we can't have her still sleeping in a crib when she's six!!

:-) Friends, I'm headed outta state for the weekend to celebrate my big 3-0 and then I have another show next weekend. Sayonara for now and I'll be back after Thanksgiving with a few more photos and possibly some exciting blog changes!

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    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a wonderful time! Annette