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an OWL nursery


My soon-to-be nephew, Asa, is coming in August and I've offered to help with the nursery fixin's!

J & S have decided on a yellow/gray nursery theme with owl accents. Here is their inspiration photo. Lovely, huh? I heart these colors together!!!


Before I knew the nursery or gender details, I did know about the owls, so I have been collecting DIY owl ideas as I came across them. So much fun! Once they found out it was a boy and that the colors were yellow and gray, I decided to make a little owl lovey for Asa.

Here's the tutorial from Make it and Love it. Hers is more plush, but I used mostly felt because I was on a budget. And it's still soft and sweet.

I found a remnant of yellow felt at JoAnns - 50% off. Score! So I used that for the main body pieces (because the squares you can buy are too small). At Hobby Lobby I picked up a 25 cent sheet of gray for the wings and orange for the beak/feet. The green came from the scrap bag.

The directions were fairly easy to follow and I stuffed him full of batting leftover from my headboard project. It was flat batting and even though I tore it into manageable pieces - I still thought he was a little lumpy. Not too bad though. Gotta use what you have!

What a loveable lovey. I can't wait for Asa to pose with him!! :-)

Finally, I'm waist deep in nursery sewing projects. Instead of sewing for the nursery over the trip, I actually sewed for Jenn (a shortened a gown and sewed in curtain linings) and brought home the chevron nursery fabric instead. It's probably for the best, so I can just take my time and not feel rushed to finish in 4 days. We're making the crib sheets, skirts and bumper all based on the inspiration photo below.


We're also sewing pillows and curtains. I'm finished with one sheet (thanks to MADE) and just beginning the crib skirt. Lots more sewing to do!

When the nursery sewing projects are more complete, I'll update my progress in pictures and then feature the whole nursery later this summer.

I'm psyched. Totally.

Replacing Worn-out Elastic in Vintage Clothing


So I decided to brave an attempt at fixing some sleeves on my little vintage dresses. Two had the exact same problem: worn out elastic in the sleeves. Otherwise they are in excellent shape!

So I whipped out my trusty elastic thread and went to work.

(Excuse the bad lighting in the photos...)

After I took out the old elastic, I was left with this:

I sewed around the sleeve following the old sewing marks with some elastic thread and tada! Re-ruffled sleeves.

What a difference, right!?

Here's the other: before...

... and after! Much better.

I also took it around the waist of these pink corduroy overalls, but the effect wasn't quite as great because of how heavy the corduroy is. It worked okay, though. I'm good with how they look now.

I love elastic thread! What's your secret sewing weapon??

A few new shop finds for Easter.


I had some glorious hours last Friday all to myself. I got an orange pedicure... (complete with iced Passion tea from the 'bucks)...

... and went thrifting! (Totally my new favorite pastime.)

Here are some fun things I found.

a Polly Flinders size 7 smocked dress. I'm in love!

the sweetest Easter dress - complete with bunnies and daffodils

Two more 1970s jumpers!! Not nearly as sweet as the strawberry jumpsuit, but very, very cute.

I adore this polyester nautical jacket. Not very summery, but I'm listing it anyway. People are crazy for the nautical stuff.

And remember the little cowboy button-up?  I went back and found the pants that matched!! hahaha! (And sold it this week -yay!)

Thrifting. *sigh* it's so much fun.

Favorite New Shop Items :-)


In the last two weeks I've had some luck thrifting. After I wrote that things had been flying off the shelves, inevitably, they stopped flying. :-) But, it's okay, the slower pace just kicked me into gear in beefing up the baby sections of my shop.

I will finish out my first year (October 2012) with the miscellaneous vintage things I have and after evaluating what has sold the best, I'll probably try to pare down to the main sellers. This, of course, has been baby clothing so far. I have the best luck finding it, buying it and selling it of all the other things in the shop. Random other things have sold, but these babies have been the pick. We'll see how the rest of the year turns out and go from there.

So, I've found the Salvation Army is my best place to find vintage. Some thrift stores you could look all day and not find a piece or two. Others (the S.A.!), if you're lucky, are vintage heaven. Where are your favorite places to thrift?

Two Salvation Army stores and around 15-20 pieces later, here's my favs of the bunch. Even little baby boy stuff is showing up! Check everything out at the shop, click here.

baby bowties

Yellow Easter dress, anyone?

teeny, tiny little blouse

awesome retro smock top

elephant short overalls

cowboy button-up.

Mmm! Love love love thrifting and finding sweet little things!! Looking forward to garage sale season coming up soon! :-)

Sesame Street love


Aw yay! My little Sesame Street baby boy jumper was featured on this blog! Their Sesame Street post was so cute! Go check it out ... my fav was the fuzzy Grover puzzle.


Such fun.

Shop Update! A few more little cute things


Wow! Things have been "flying off the shelves" so-to-speak from my etsy shop. And I'm definitely not complaining about that - it's a great problem to have! Love it.

Although it does create the need to fill the shop back up, so we went thrifting the other day and found a few things. I need to go again, but it does take some better planning. (She fell asleep in the car and had wet through her pants - so obviously we need to 1. go in the afternoon and 2. take the diaper bag. Yeah, this mama needs to be more prepared.)

Anyway, here are a few things I've recently added to the shop!

Head on over to see the rest!

a baby gift


For my best friend's little girl, who we just (very excitedly) met, I wanted to make something special.

I found the idea here and she found it on Pinterest. (Side note: I'm totally on pinterest and still don't really know my way around ... isn't that sad or what?)

Anyway, I loved it and it worked perfectly with a four letter name like Ella and I started with the above color of embroidery thread. However, about halfway through I realized that there was not going to be enough ... and quickly changed to an ombre type look. I actually really love it!

I finished up with a pretty yellow dandelion and re-stretched it across the hoop. It wasn't quite as straight as I'd hers - my stitches must've been different tensions and the fabric different - but I still think it turned out SO cute.

The back, however, is a different story.

So I used a piece of knit (that won't fray) to cover the back... and used another uncovered ring. (The yarn covered one was cute but made it difficult to get everything together without breaking.)

then trimmed the whole thing up! Pretty sweet, huh?