bedroom decor update


So, I've done a little bedroom updating and haven't completed it -- but I decided to show you the "in progress" view anyway. Because, who knows how long it would take me to finish!? As always, feel free to offer any suggestions you have.

Here we are a few months ago ... my snowflake banner was still up, so it must've been wintry out. Our bedspread is looking a little faded (weird lighter spots - from the sun?) and when I painted the walls brown, all of a sudden it was like ...


Not good.

My sweet friend visiting from California gave me a few moments of our precious time together to give me some suggestions on the room. We flipped the bedspread over and rearranged the pillows a bit.

Last week I scored a cream tailored bedskirt at a discount store, and reupholstered the headboard in dropcloth fabric.

The headboard definitely pops against the darker wall and I like that I can play a little bit more with the pillow colors - now I'm not limited to gold, tan, brown and blue.

I would love to eventually get a new bedspread and totally change up the colors, but this is what I chose (curtains + bedspread were wedding gifts) and I am determined to make the best of it for now.

Next on my list is making some hanging pendant lights to free up bedside stand space...

Maybe something industrial like these?


Or upcycling something vintage and turn it into a pendant light? I'll let you know when I come up with it. It may be a couple of years, but it will be done.


shop update {7.25.14}


The boy section in my shop has always been smaller than the girl section. There are just naturally many more cute vintage dresses to be found that than little man stuffs. To make things more complicated, the good boy items also tend to go the fastest in the shop!

Chronic vintage boy clothing issues, friends.

I headed out last week and picked up a couple of items. Three pieces from the same place are quite a find!! So they've been added to bulk up the boy section ... that is, until they sell out ...

Check them out over at the shop!

lions, tigers, and baby birds ... oh my!


This little guy has been hanging around our front porch lately ... and his Mama in the tree directly above. Watch out below!! (Jeremy's story in his own words after the photo.)

"I experienced a first today. Me and Lena were watching a sweet little baby blue jay outside, still having some of its baby down on it, and it was learning to fly. Sure enough, mama blue jay came around, squacked like mad, dove right for me, and planted her beak right in my head. Needless to say, me and Lena went to the swings pretty quick as mama took another dive for us, but missed. True story."

It was true. I saw the evidence when I came home.

:-) Happy Friday! On vacation for the next week ... see ya soon!

inspired shelves (yet unfinished)


I've never really loved this living room shelf.

I loved the idea of it ... but it turned out pretty underwhelming considering the space.

So, when my FIL was in town for a few days during graduation this month, I twisted his arm and had him help me hang new shelves. I took the two brackets from the previous shelf and stole the other two from Lena's room and used Mandi's inspiration to hang these shelves.

The only thing I did differently was use regular screws for the studs and machine screws (plus hex nuts) for the shelves because the holes were a lot smaller in my brackets than the ones she used.

I've been trying to decide where to use this corbel from my in-laws 100+ year old farm house when it struck me -- looks like an "S"! Why not use it as a monogram? It adds some dramatic height that I love.

I'm going with a bit of a green theme to bring in some color as well as a little purple and yellow ... to bring out the fun colors in my vintage curtains. Love this little ceramic bird from the hobby store, compliments of my sis and bro-in-law. (Gotta love gift cards!)

So, here's my dilemma. I love asymmetry, but I think that the shelves need some balance. All along, I have been planning to put something in the space below, but I can't decide what. 

Any ideas? Here are a few things I've considered.

String art.

Vintage arrow or arrow marqee (except they are $$$!)


Or a DIY reclaimed wood arrow?


Or a framed photo? Or...? Any other ideas I'm missing? I need your help filling this space!

Last question: if you look back at the photo of the shelves, is there too much "fluff" going on? (i.e. the feathers on the left, the faux branches on the right, and the spikey plant on the bottom?) Should I use a different texture? If so, what?

new shop items *may*


(This is technically a June dated post, but I did get the shop updated in May after everything settled down and I got down to business. :-) Shop update: check!

Look at these fun items!!

See the shop for more views of these awesome finds! (And thanks to my finder, Sarah, for the shoes. This time around we're splitting the profits, but I totally think that's fair for her incredible skill! Business in community - let's do it!)

candy anniversary


We celebrated 6 years last weekend.

Every year we use a traditional gift list to come up with a variation of fun (sometimes big, sometimes small) gifts or themes. This year was CANDY. I wasn't overly excited because I just consumed 4 bags of jelly beans over Easter and I was feeling candied out.

I mentioned this idea to my friend, Sarah, and she suggested Christopher Elbow chocolates. (She also suggested the restaurant we thoroughly enjoyed last year. She's a keeper.) 

"Say who?"

An artisanal chocolatier based out of Kansas City? Expertly flavored and carefully chosen chocolates?

A candy anniversary is sounding better all the time. :-) 

 We came away with flavors like Bananas Foster, Coffee, Venezuelan Spice, Strawberry Balsamic, Lemon (x2 for Lena), Lavender Caramel and the like. There were a few flavors only available at the store, so I went for those too. Aren't they pretty?

Highly recommend this KC treat!! :-)

new kitchen color


I had a problem in my kitchen. (I have many other kitchen problems, just ask my husband about the chickens.) This one didn't have to do with food, though. After about 5 years of yellow in my kitchen, the walls had seen better days. Chair scrapes, paint peeling, stains ... you get the picture.

Brilliant idea #1 
"I'll go get the same paint at the hardware store."

Um, no. After 5 years, the paint colors change.

Brilliant idea #2
"Color match!"

No chipping pieces I could conveniently pull to color match.

Brilliant (and final) idea #3

So, I did, with a gallon of free paint from the county paint drop-off (you can get rid of old paint there or get some "new" for free!). And I love the new look!