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February's Loaf -- (Orange Cinnamon Swirl Bread)


For February's loaf it seemed appropriate to go sweet.

I had no problem with this.

How does Orange Cinnamon Swirl Bread sound? I'll take some thank-you-very-much!

The process was a lot like cinnamon rolls, except no cutting - and the result was not gooey rolls but a moist, delicious hot slice of orangey heaven! There was 3/4 cup fresh squeezed orange juice and plenty of orange peel involved.

Taste perfection! I still am having odd issues with my oven - the bread is splitting on one side. I may just have to live with that, but I'd love to know why. Maybe one side of my oven is hotter than the other? Have any ideas bakers?

See past loaves here:
January's Loaf

** I'm not going to detail the recipes for sake of time (and my sanity with a 2year old!), but if you'd like a recipe just email me at lisamarie (dot) de (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll be happy to send you a copy.

Christmas Cookies (*with a 2 yr old* Ahem.)


We are making Christmas cookies for a few families (us included!) as gifts this year. I know the holidays normally bring lots of food and sweets anyway, but this seemed the most feasible gift this year - sometimes I'm just not sure people need more stuff.

Anyway, I let Ladybug help me. On bath night, we whipped out the flour and the cookie dough and went to town.

I expected a mess.

What I didn't expect was a crazy fast two year old screaming here and there about "COOKIE" and "EAT EAT EAT!" the whole time. Little fingers indenting stars and gingerbread men, little hands pressing as many cookie cutters as possible into the dough fast as lightning (seriously, you should've been there), and flour eating. (YUM?)

It was crazy. But regardless, we got 'er done and I was in a laughing (not yelling or crying) mood to go along with it.

Think this little girl needs a little apron? Good thing there's one under the tree (post on that later).

Cookies complete.

I have lots of good memories making/baking Christmas goodies with my mom and it's something I'm hoping to pass on to Ladybug. I love Christmas baking and want to share that.

...and next year will probably be more enjoyable with a 3 year old who has a bit more self-control.

I'll post a few recipes this week as I take pictures. :-) What are your holiday baking plans? Recipes? Do share!!