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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


... in our home, at least. Outside? Not so much...

(*** still waiting for some snow ***)

It's been quiet over here for some time and will probably remain so unless I pop over for an Arkansas room makeover or have a sudden burst of inspiration.

My lumberjack "cut" down a tree after we searched for a locally grown tree and were sorely disappointed with the selection and outrageous prices. Instead, we settled on an imported Fraiser fur that I've always wanted and Love.

It's perfect.

(Thrifted vintage pom-pom tablecloth turned tree skirt!! Love it!)

A couple of poster-board-and old sheet music (and feathers and lace) trees and we're in business.

My parents have an enormous holly tree that we snagged several branches from to spruce up the faux foliage I have. 

 And I used Heat-n-Bond for the first time on this Christmas pillow cover and it is amazing stuff. Highly recommend!

I used fabric scraps for the cover and deer silhouette, yarn I had lying around for the tassels and bam! Cutest pillow in my house. Well, at least for now. And the bonus is that I can just take the cover off when I'm finished and store that flat in my Christmas box instead of an entire pillow. Genius, I know.

Merry Christmas to you!!

DIY etched glass Christmas ornaments


I love personalizing gifts. Especially if it's something fun, pretty and still inexpensive! 

For all 6 of my piano girls, I wanted to try etching their names onto plain glass Christmas ornaments. My inspiration came HERE and the one and same vinyl dealer, the amazing Dana, hooked me up with the gorgeous stencils for the etching.

But, first, I found some ornaments at the hobby store. 50% off, thank you very much. Dana told me that the etching cream wouldn't work if they were covered in glass varnish, so I crossed my fingers and hoped they weren't.

Supplies needed: 
set of flat plain glass ornaments, unvarnished
vinyl stencils
etching cream
sacrificial paint brush

I didn't choose the glass orbs, but ones that were flatter, hoping that the stencils would stick better. All those curves aren't ideal for flat stencils! It was a good choice, although I still had to really smooth down the edges near the letters so the etching cream wouldn't leak through.

 I carefully peeled away the backing and smoothed down any edges that came up.

Then, using my throw-away paint brush and gloves, I brushed on a thick coating of etching cream. It had a tendency to pull away from some of the letters, so I had to keep a close eye on them and brushing it back so all of the letters would be etched.

Not all of the letters were perfectly etched, but they were more than good enough! Then, I filled them with old, shredded sheet music and looped some red and white baker's twine to hang them from. And I think they girls will be thrilled.

What I especially love about this project is that the possibilities are endless! You could fill them with fake snow, pearls, sand, confetti, etc. I think I'd love to do an ornament-a-year for Ladybug or for us (etch a different year on each) and then fill it with something that represents the year for us.

(Oh, and while I was at it, I etched "fleurs" (French for flowers) in an old vinegar bottle I'd saved for that purpose. Simple and sweet.

... And sort of addicting. "What should I etch next?!")

What would you etch??

project(s) update: wreath with candy-striped plaque


Upcycled, recycled and reused.

This one is fun!

Christmas for us


Christmas Eve...

I "debuted" my piano playing at our church (after keeping it under wraps for 2 years because I needed a break still!) on Christmas Eve. That was fun, yet I was so incredibly (surprisingly!) nervous. I haven't played since I was a volunteer in Europe 6 years ago, so it must've just been because of the length of time ... but gah! Sweaty palms and heart arrhythmia... not my favorite feelings, but it was great to debut with well-known Christmas carols, easy to play and jazz up.

Before that, we had our (now) traditional Christmas Eve dinner of raclette! A Swiss meal with melted raclette cheese, pickled veggies over new potatoes.

Add some spices...

And some different toppings for those not interested in pickles ...

And of course the cheese!

It melts into wonderful goodness that I have sorely missed! I ate helping after helping, even Jeremy was surprised. "You're having more?"


Christmas Day...

...our present opening mess.

... our little pj-ed lady in hats.

A family shot right before we ran out the door with our hastily baked goodies for Christmas dinner with good friends. Phew! The rest of the evening was relaxed and wonderful. I tickled the ivories just for myself, Ladybug played with a big doll house, Jeremy video gamed and we chatted and ate.

I shared this on Facebook, but our nativity looked quite intriguing this year... (all her doing, I assure you.)

And our sweet pea who thoroughly enjoyed new toys and unwrapping fruit snacks and just the general hub-bub of Christmas.

How were your holidays? I'd love to hear!

a mini {DIY} apron for Christmas


Remember when I mentioned a certain little lady needing a little apron? Well, here it is!

Mini apron time!

Since her head is still so big (and the rest of her so small!) I decided against a pull over loop and I didn't want to take the time to make adjustable straps. SO, instead I made a button-hole! Easy on and off and it works like a charm.

Functional little pockets with shabby little bows.

It technically is reversible, but I didn't add a pocket to the backside. I'm kind of kicking myself for that now. Oh well, live and learn.

Here it is - the basic shape and measurements I guessed after measuring Ladybug for widths and lengths. I sewed it all together inside out (with straps inside) and left both side straps open when I sewed to put it right side out. Then I went over it with a top stitch to make it look pretty and to toughen it up - it'll be subject to a 2-yr old you know...

I was going to do a ruffle at the bottom but then just rounded it off. Perfect. The straps are also made with opposite fabrics. (Jeremy helped me choose the floral fabric from the hobby store, the polka dot is vintage from my grandma and the green pockets was hand-me-down polyester that I didn't have to hem - woot!)

Here she is! My little helper now has a perfectly sized apron to keep her from (*mostly) getting messy. With about 2 hours of work and $3, here is a great little gift!

*Ahem, I am sort of smitten.



When it snowed last week I was pretty sure Ladybug didn't remember it snowing last winter. So, we bundled up and headed out. I was completely ready just to curl up inside and enjoy the view, but sometimes a Mama has to give a little.

We bundled up in our snow gear and ...

made tracks...

... sweet little snow angels

...and, of course, went swinging! This girl has been asking to swing for days in 20-40 degree weather and I keep saying no. So since we were out, she swang. Silly girl. 

After we were freezing and boots had accidentally fallen off, we headed inside for her first hot cocoa. And we made it big! "With a load of whipped cream!"

Mmmm. Snowy days. Here's to hoping for a few more!