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Ombre Four-leaf Clover St. Patty's Day Banner


Using this tutorial for a "Shamrock Barrette" I made an Ombre Four-Leaf Clover banner. Just for fun and to quiet down our wall from So Many Hearts.

(If I would've actually pinned it, I could've qualified it as another Pinterest project! Isn't it sad that I have to try to do that?! haha.)

It's rather labor intensive (as far as crafting goes), so if you have the time/patience to cut out and hand sew 60+ little clover leaves, you should!

I rather think it's festive, simple, yet fun. (15 clovers = 3 colored sheets of felt @ 25 cents a piece makes for a rather inexpensive project too! the squares on the ends are some scraps...)

We aren't celebrating Irish in our family (although aren't we part Irish, Dad?), but adding some GREEN to wintry March is so very appropriate in my opinion.

A few other green sparks ...


and here.


a few Valentine hearts


Ladybug and I made valentines today. I kept forgetting to put up pictures of the heart strings I made and hung in our kitchen for a little bit of festive (and inexpensive!) fun. 

We made a stack of simple, stamped valentines. All her idea, you know. :-)

And enjoyed gazing up at the hearts. Especially when the heat blows on and they start dancing. 

What fun. 

Simple and sweet. What are your Valentine's Day plans? 

And some other random crafts (while I've been in the mood!)


When going through my new vintage patterns the other day, I came across one with a sturdy piece of 70s graphic material in it. Awesome! It was a small rectangle and I thought about making it into some kind of stretch belt with elastic, but then I decided to try out a headband.

I kept all of the fabric if I want to change it up later, but for now, here she is! I cut an old elastic headband to connect the ends and it's perfect! I've always had a slight problem with headbands - every since I was a little girl, wearing then gave me headaches. So, I haven't worn them!

This time I made it very, very loose - but snug enough to stay on my head and it worked! Hooray!

And I've also been waiting and waiting and waiting for my oatmeal container to run out - Ladybug used to eat oatmeal every day but we've changed things up a bit for breakfasts (which I'm sure she's happy about!) and our oatmeal supplies no longer deplete like they used to.

Anyway, Valerie had a great idea for a plastic bag holder and I wanted to try my hand at it for her diaper trash.

I took a piece of striped wrapping paper, cut it to size and glued it on.

Then I took a star stencil and traced a pattern in the top and cut it out with scissors. Easy peasy!

What crafty things have you been up to lately?