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toddler discovers shredder


... this is what happens when a certain toddler goes to work with Mama only to discover change in the drawer and a shredder in the corner.

At least the reverse still works! (Oops.)

Traveling with a toddler


Tips on traveling with a toddler.

#1 - If it's a long trip, take breaks so said toddler can move around.  We stopped a little less than half-way to visit good friends in St. Louis on the way to Nashville. We stayed the afternoon and the night and left early the next morning. This was lifesaver. I hate doing long trips in one day. Especially now that Ladybug is so mobile, it's so difficult for her not to be moving!!

(Ella is the giggliest baby I've ever met! She's is so sweet and laughs and giggles at just about everything. Adorable. Here she and the girl are playing a duet on the piano. Ladybug looooved the piano.)

#2 - Take lots of yummy snacks (and toys and books). We made it to St. Louis with a few cat naps, lots of cheerios and Annie's bunnies and book after book after book. I even "read" some books from memory from the front seat. Ha. A friend let me borrow some interactive toys and they were also a lifesaver when the whines came out.

#3 - If at all possible, take someone along with you. Grandparents preferably. We met up with my parents after spending the night in St. Louis and my mom fed/played with/entertained Ladybug the whole way to Nashville.

Dad drove.

And I sat in the front seat and relaxed.

 Ha! Maybe not the travel tips you expected, but some that worked for me this trip!! Any must-have tips you can share with me? We have more road trips coming up this summer! Please share!