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a mini {DIY} apron for Christmas


Remember when I mentioned a certain little lady needing a little apron? Well, here it is!

Mini apron time!

Since her head is still so big (and the rest of her so small!) I decided against a pull over loop and I didn't want to take the time to make adjustable straps. SO, instead I made a button-hole! Easy on and off and it works like a charm.

Functional little pockets with shabby little bows.

It technically is reversible, but I didn't add a pocket to the backside. I'm kind of kicking myself for that now. Oh well, live and learn.

Here it is - the basic shape and measurements I guessed after measuring Ladybug for widths and lengths. I sewed it all together inside out (with straps inside) and left both side straps open when I sewed to put it right side out. Then I went over it with a top stitch to make it look pretty and to toughen it up - it'll be subject to a 2-yr old you know...

I was going to do a ruffle at the bottom but then just rounded it off. Perfect. The straps are also made with opposite fabrics. (Jeremy helped me choose the floral fabric from the hobby store, the polka dot is vintage from my grandma and the green pockets was hand-me-down polyester that I didn't have to hem - woot!)

My little helper now has a perfectly sized apron to keep her from (*mostly) getting messy. With about 2 hours of work and $3, here is a great little gift!

epic sewing fail.


i usually like to celebrate my successes, but I'm sorry, this was an epic sewing fail (which had the potential to be. SO. cute!)

Here was my up-cycle materials:

Click here for my inspiration. So cute right?

And the epic fail.

 (see the "bump"? horrible)

(bump from the front and bow sewn crooked.)

(the inside was too big for the outside = what a mess!)

(and i need a re-course in sewing zippers - yikes!!)

You'd have to see it in person to get the full effect, but it was an epic fail. One carefully thought through, wonderfully envisioned epic sewing fail.

Here's to not being too discouraged and trying again on something else! :-)