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with love from Germany


My dad went to Germany a few weeks ago for a work trip (jealous? can I say jealous!?!) - and he wanted to know if I'd like anything for him to bring back for me.

Of course, I said, "Yeah, the whole European aura, please." :-) I do love Europe.

But I settled for chocolate and my favorite spice.

{milk chocolate, marzipan chocolate and chocolate with raisins and hazelnuts}

{a favorite spice that I can't find here!}

"Tomaten" is what you think = tomatoes. It's wonderful sprinkled on just about anything, but especially toasted bread with nice cheese. Mmm.

Dad, you did great!! Exactly what I wanted. Thank you. :-)

Int'l Earring Collection


I've been trying to come up with different posts - just to get some variety in the blog ... and just to have fun!

I realized that I've never documented my international earring collection before. In my travels, my goal was to get a pair of earrings from every country I've been. I haven't even made it close to my goal (and half of the ones I do have are from other people!), but it's still fun to think about and do.




South Africa

Sri Lanka



Funny that they are all drop or dangly earrings, but I guess I know what I like, huh?

Countries missing earrings: Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Switzerland, Scotland, Austria, India (I lost those - boo), Spain, France, Lichtenstein, England and Italy. Not very impressive right? I guess I'll just have to travel to those places again. *sigh*

I almost got a gorgeous pair in the Czech Republic, but their currency was intimidating and we were there for only a few hours. How disappointing!