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shop update {7.25.14}


The boy section in my shop has always been smaller than the girl section. There are just naturally many more cute vintage dresses to be found that than little man stuffs. To make things more complicated, the good boy items also tend to go the fastest in the shop!

Chronic vintage boy clothing issues, friends.

I headed out last week and picked up a couple of items. Three pieces from the same place are quite a find!! So they've been added to bulk up the boy section ... that is, until they sell out ...

Check them out over at the shop!

new shop items *may*


(This is technically a June dated post, but I did get the shop updated in May after everything settled down and I got down to business. :-) Shop update: check!

Look at these fun items!!

See the shop for more views of these awesome finds! (And thanks to my finder, Sarah, for the shoes. This time around we're splitting the profits, but I totally think that's fair for her incredible skill! Business in community - let's do it!)

shop updates (Jan)


I've been working hard to update my shop (yay!) finally, after all of the Market/holiday/catch-up-my-lifeness of the last few months. I've put tons of patterns on ... gotten several new kiddo pieces and put a few things on that have been sitting around for ages. Discipline, people.

I told myself I couldn't go thrifting, not even for a second, until everything was listed. IT'S DONE! (And yes, I've gone thrifting.)

Check out the shops to see any of the items below and more! (vintage baby/kid, handmade/vintage housewares)


Shop Update: 40s and 50s patterns!


Merry Christmas!! It will be pretty quiet over here until January. I'll be making some changes and working on a little bit different content - a change I'm excited about!

And as we ring in a New Year, I'll be excited to hear your goals, plans and words for the fresh year.

Here's a little ode to the 50s housewife ... don't you want one of these to wear?

Find the rest in my shop!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

shop update {september}


This is the time of year when beefing up your Etsy shop tends to pay off. It seems like November and January have been the biggest months in sales for the past 2 years. We'll see about this year!

Here are some of the new pieces. Find them in the shop HERE!

And some sweet patterns. 


*couple of new shop items" (no. 3)


Final shop post! The last pieces. Find them HERE!

See you soon with more project posts!

*a couple of new shop items* (no. 2)


*second installation of new shop items! stocking up before I get crazy busy this fall...

Just one more tomorrow. Cheers!