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summer simplicity


The first of our meager crop. A little tart, and some are less than beautiful. But all picked by these little, sweet hands in daily excitement of these hidden red jewels.

Love the simplicity of summer through our little girl's eyes.

Our new bike seat!


We were given a new bike seat this summer - we wanted to get out last summer with one, but it just didn't happen. My bike needed a little tweaking, so we got that done this year and now we can all ride together!

Jeremy and Ladybug have tried it out a few times. What fun! Too bad it's in the 100s, otherwise I think we'd go out more. It's just too hot for that little 23-lb body.

Here are she and Daddy getting ready to ride. 

We decided not to heavily invest in a bike helmet because her head would grow out of it so quickly. So off to Tar-get we went to see if we could find one. This little pink one with giraffes was the only infant helmet available that fit. It was $2 off the regular price but I had recently scored a free $20 giftcard for switching my prescription to their pharmacy.

Giftcard = free helmet!! Thank you, God, for free summer fun (and safety).

(she was a little bit upset because she thought they were leaving me at home... when I only just wanted to snap a few pictures. the face below belies her true state because she really did enjoy it once she realized they weren't leaving Mama behind!)

We went on our first family bike ride together and boy did we enjoy it. Despite the weather, hopefully we'll still try to sneak in a few rides here and there.

Summer is...


... garden-fresh veggies!!

She'll will show you how to eat 'em. (Or not.)

CSA week 7


CSA pick up seemed pretty sparse this week...

a pint of cherry tomatoes, 1 squash, 2 small cucumbers, 4 slicing tomatoes, a bag of shallots, 2 garlic cloves and a half dozen brown eggs.

Here's the CSA pick of the week! (Except ... I don't know what kind of squash it is or how to cook it...)

Update: It's a scallop squash, a.k.a. patty pan squash.

So my corn is completely dead after I pulled it all up. I peeled back part of a really sad looking corn husk and indeed, it was drying up. Boo! The drought is only going to get worse ... and I wonder what it will do to the CSA farms?

But for now, we're enjoying a bountiful harvest of multicolored tomatoes and I put them all together. Pretty huh?

(Here's to hoping little fingers stay out of them ...)


And, here's a few pictures of recipes I made last week with CSA ingredients. We are really enjoying all of the fresh goodness. (Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a food photographer, so if my photos gross you out, my apologies.) 

First up, Margherita Pizza with whole wheat crust, garlic/olive oil herb sauce, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes.

Feta, cucumber and tomato salad with salt, pepper, balsamic and oil dressing.

Purple potatoes = lavender mashed potatoes. Kind weird, but tasted the same.

And, finally, a European specialty ... tomato slice topped with a piece of fresh mozzarella and a basil leaf then drizzled with olive oil. YUM!

Until next time, friends!

Summer is...


... chocolate fudge pops. (If you didn't already know.)

Just make up a sugar free chocolate pudding with whole milk ... and voila! A healthy snack that includes no extra sugar and gets in another little bit of milk. (We struggle on the milk drinking around here...)

What food/snack screams "Summer!" to you?

July 4th fun


We had a pretty laid back holiday. It was nice to have a "Friday" in the middle of the week.

I worked for a little over an hour in the morning while Jeremy and the girl hung out at home. Then we had naptime and headed over to our friends' house for dinner with several other couples. They got out their baby pool and Ladybug "swam" and splashed and played with their 3 month old for quite awhile in the 100 degree heat. The water was chilly, but she actually got in and played! I was quite impressed. (Hope to get a few pictures from her sometime soon. So sweet!)

Here's a couple shots of her outfit:

And ... the bow came out.
(Look at those long legs!! I can't believe how big she's getting!)

Her hair is in an awkward stage these days. A few little curls have appeared in the back, there's a long pieces that grows straight down her face and if you slicked it all up, it'd basically be a faux-hawk. We've come a long way, but have a long way to go. hehe.


And happy 20 months old to our sweetie! Today she's only 4 months away from being 2 years old ... I'm trying not to rush it, despite the annoyances of this stage in toddler life. :-)

No fireworks for us this year, but maybe in a couple when Ladybug can handle the noise and staying up a bit.

Those of you who celebrated, how did you spend your holiday?

pretty girl goes on vacation


And we're off, for a week of vacation!! So excited to ski, fish, swim and relax. See you when we get back!

(her new snack spot: eating pretzels in the kitchen corner)

she loved her first experience with markers! so much fun.