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So, I've taken my sewing machine into the shop twice in the last few days - it's been doing the same (frustrating) thing -- pulling the stinking fabric down into the feed and then the thread gets all tangled inside and the needle is pulled so tight, I can't even move it.


Turns out, my extra bobbins are too tall. They are Singer bobbins and I need a different kind for my Kenmore. WHO knew!? I thought bobbins were standard. Geez. What a pain.

Anyway, over the weekend, I finally finished my fourth little pair of bloomers for Ladybug. Here they are, black, white, pink and blue.


The girl and I are leaving tomorrow to celebrate a special sister's graduation from nursing school. She did it!! She's officially an R.N.! Congrats to her because she worked her butt off for the last two years - and we all know how wonderful a nurse she'll be.

Also, we get to see the baby belly in person, visit their new house, and do some sewing for the new nursery.

They're having a boy, did I mention that?? Ooooo! I'm so excited.

Okay, okay.  Signing off until next week.

Au Revoir!