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Garden Inspiration - Link


I just ran across this link and after last week's post thought I'd share some garden inspiration - at Bleubird Vintage.


{And, yes, I totally garden in a dress, too.}

Happy Spring!

Garden 2012 - edition one


Well, here goes another try at a garden in 2012. I'm debating whether or not to try tomatoes and peppers again (just because they've failed so miserably the last few years) and just make it an herb garden, but I just love homegrown tomatoes SO much! And tomatoes and peppers are what cost so much - organic, homegrown goodness. All to myself. Affordably.


The beginnings of basil.

The chives that keep coming back.

Garlic we planted in the fall. Already so big from this crazy, warm March weather!

Strawberries ... what's left of them. Maybe they'll grow and give me a juicy berry or two.

 What are your garden plans this year?

P.S. This week is a really busy one so I'm signing off until next week. See ya then!