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18 months


Sweet girl is 18 months old this month! I'm a little late to the draw here with her update, but better late than never, I suppose. 

We went to see the doctor and they measured her:
Height: 31"
Weight: 22-1/2 lbs

She's started doing some "chores" and loves to help. She feeds Jackson by carrying the bowl (very carefully) to his mat. And she empties the dishwasher silverware. Sometimes they end up in her mouth or on the floor, but ya know. We're workin' on it.

New words this month: hot, no no, go! go! go! go!, yeaaaaaaah and yummy, yummy.

Fun antics: She tickles our feet while saying her version of "tickle, tickle"- it's SO sweet.

Here's her cheesey face. She also has a hilarious "Oh" face (puts her mouth into a tiny, exaggerated "O") and when she wants something to eat, she runs up to us with her mouth as wide open as it will go.

She's started to wants to read books again! She's been so busy perfecting her walking skills that it's taken over our lives for the last few months. She's still super busy but will sit for a minute to snuggle or read.

Ladybug gives great hugs and is getting the hang of kisses.

She loves picking out her clothes for the day, got a shoe on all by herself (the wrong foot - but hey), and helps us put our shoes on too.

She also helps Mommy clean - with pretty much any "rag" she gets - her washcloths, the dishrag, clothes, wipes, tissues... you name it.

A few toddler difficulties have made their appearance into our days. She gets easily frustrated, as many toddlers do, when she can't make something work right or doesn't get her way. Thus lots of whining and minor tantrums. But I told Jeremy, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" I'm just waiting for that huge toddler tantrum.

Until then, the last bit of news is great news!! She gets to stop wearing her shoes! The doctor said that next to the shoes, walking barefoot is the best way to keep her feet flexible - so I'm all about cute sandals when we go out and bare feet for the rest of the time this summer. Love it.

Happy half birthday little love!