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Vacation Recap 2 (a.k.a. the girl)


Too many cute pictures of the girl not to share from last week's trip.

Bathing in the cooler. This year. Last year (oh my! no hair!)*

Doing dishes with Grammi. Cheesin' it (and another from last year. Check out the chub!)

Swimming this year.

And last year...

Fun with Uncle Ryan.

 Overall I think Ladybug enjoyed herself very much - especially the sweets we let her eat! But we're moving into a difficult toddler stage - one of whining, screaming, running away, more screaming and crying ... I think she's pushing through a tooth that's giving her something to whine about too, so about half the week we were dealing with more of the whines. Some people have told me that about 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 was the most difficult time for them. Your child is teetering on the brink of beginning to communicate needs and wants but they still aren't able to fully communicate. They also are not in control of their impulses and fits prevail - especially depending on the child's personality. And their ability to move is incredible, but also very dangerous!! Supervision is a must.

So, "vacation" wasn't really super relaxing. We're making it through, although it is proving to be a difficult stage. However, it's really important to me to enjoy what I can despite it all because she'll never be at this point in her development again!

Her words are progressing, her imitations are so cute and every once in a while her soft little voice makes me remember just how sweet she is.

But there are times when all I can say is, "Lord have mercy!" hehe.

(*to see all the pictures from last year click here and here.)

Vacation Recap 1


And we're back!

After a week up north, we're back home trying to get back in the groove of things. Catching up, cleaning up and resting. From vacation, I know.

We went fishing (although the fishing wasn't all that great) - Jeremy really is liking bass fishing and I like to jig it. But lo and behold, a bass jumped at my (ugly) jig and I snagged it.

Here we are in the fish house. (Smells just as bad as you might imagine.)

I went skiing four times during the week. Two words: fun. sore.

My brother has his own ski boat and has begun the very impressive feat of "skiing" on barefeet (called barefooting). Here he is in a sling learning.

We "swam" at the beach. Dug in the sand. Got quite dirty.

Shawn and Jenn (and little Asa)!

a family shot.

Can't forget the most exciting part of the week - my brother got engaged!! Erin is joining our family soon and we are so happy for them (and us. hehe.). They are fixing up the house in Colorado to sell and are both employed by the state of Oklahoma - moving will ensue shortly! Lots of changes to this Koster *almost* family. So happy.

and ... our family picture. For real!

(More on the girl's week tomorrow...)

pretty girl goes on vacation


And we're off, for a week of vacation!! So excited to ski, fish, swim and relax. See you when we get back!

(her new snack spot: eating pretzels in the kitchen corner)

she loved her first experience with markers! so much fun.