nursery curtains - a semi-tutorial


 I finally found some material that I liked for curtains for the nursery! Plus, we were ready for Ladybug to sleep a little longer in the morning (if possible) because with the sheers, the sunshine is so bright in the morning! She wakes up when it's so light. Plus, if we want her to nap, light blocking curtains work well for the afternoons.

I went to Jo-Anns and found some quilting material (the print is so fun! it has blue, dark pink, light pink, orange, green, brown ... just perfect for our color scheme), light blocking material (in the upholstery section) and used some blue broadcloth scraps for the tabs.

I made a very basic curtain. I cut the light blocking material in half to fit both sides of the window and ironed and hemmed the print fabric right around it. Then I made the tabs.

Now, I need your help. How should I finish them?? (See last picture.)

the finished product

I sewed a straight seam down each tab.

Turned them inside out, and ironed the seam in the middle.

I folded each in half, ironed it, then folded each unfinished end up and ironed them.

Then I sewed the tabs onto the curtain tops, stitching a box and an "X" to make them sturdy.
The ends remain unfinished. Should I just hem them? Ruffles? What's your vision?


  1. Ruffles would be cute, but I can see them being used longer without them (i.e. when she's older). Of course, the ruffles could be taken off at a later time... So my comment may not actually be that helpful.

  2. A band of that same blue fabric would be a nice way to 'frame' your curtains!

  3. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Add the blue band on the bottom. That's what I think too!

  4. Anonymous6:45 AM

    How many yards did it take?

  5. For the floral fabric I would use about 4-5, but it depends on the length you are looking for. I used less of the room darkening fabric (as it was expensive) and used just enough to cover the windows, but our windows are huge, so it just depends again on the size.