a baby gift


For my best friend's little girl, who we just (very excitedly) met, I wanted to make something special.

I found the idea here and she found it on Pinterest. (Side note: I'm totally on pinterest and still don't really know my way around ... isn't that sad or what?)

Anyway, I loved it and it worked perfectly with a four letter name like Ella and I started with the above color of embroidery thread. However, about halfway through I realized that there was not going to be enough ... and quickly changed to an ombre type look. I actually really love it!

I finished up with a pretty yellow dandelion and re-stretched it across the hoop. It wasn't quite as straight as I'd hers - my stitches must've been different tensions and the fabric different - but I still think it turned out SO cute.

The back, however, is a different story.

So I used a piece of knit (that won't fray) to cover the back... and used another uncovered ring. (The yarn covered one was cute but made it difficult to get everything together without breaking.)

then trimmed the whole thing up! Pretty sweet, huh?


  1. Cute! And I'm pretty jealous you got to meet her!

  2. Very nice job...I bet she loved it!