May garage sale finds (vintage edition)


I've been garage-saling this month to look for a few items we need on the cheap. And I love reusing if it's something we don't need to buy new. (If it's pillow or matress, you'll hear me singing a different tune though. Used? Ew.)

Last time I went looking I came up with several fun vintage finds!!

(1) cardboard doll suitcase - $1
(1) vintage table fan - $5
(3) doll dresses (30 cents)
(1) "the Golden Rule" - German measuring system pattern book (50 cents)

I thought the red "the Golden Rule" book just looked interesting when I picked it up. There are color pages and lots of good stuff in it. Boy was I uneducated!

I looked it up on etsy and the same edition (2nd edition - first is in German) in mint condition is $145!!! Um, holy crap!


It has black and white and some color photos. Late 60s! Love!

It has the Lutterloh system instructions, pictures, and over 200 patterns! Amazing.

If you want to see if before I sell it, feel free to let me know (Valerie?)!! If I can even make half of $145 on it, it'll be way more than worth it! So exciting.


  1. Oh man, I don't know if I'd want to part with such a book! Way cool!

  2. Oh man! My heart is pounding just looking at those pictures! How awesome!
    I scored about 10 vintage patterns from the mid 60's this weekend for 50 cents each. And I have also issued myself a new challenge, I am not allowed to buy anymore vintage patterns until I actually use one to make something!
    (I used a vintage men's sport coat pattern to figure out how to make sam's easter suit! But that's as much as I have used any vintage patterns... no good)