New Kitchen Valance - on the cheap


So, we've had this rolling shade from the Home Depot for about 3 years. It covers our big sliding glass doors at night. (Otherwise it's too freakalicious to be in the kitchen when it's dark outside and the whole world potentially has its eye on you. And your children.)

Anyway, it cost about $15 (maybe less?) and it's starting to look a little worn as only a $15 shade should. I mean, it's not like I'm going to put in a custom shade in a place we rent -- and don't plan to stay in forever. (*crossing my fingers and hoping we go sooner than later. Love the rent and the freedom - hate the neighborly sounds and poor construction.)

Here she is. Lookin' pretty sad.

Insert awesome $1 vintage Vera sheet picked up from a random garage sale a couple of weeks ago. It was fitted, so I cut it up.

I'm not really a butterfly, floral-y person, but I'm in love with this print for some reason. Butterflies, ferns and leaves in multi-green and khaki colors.

Pair it with some yellow walls, a free curtain rod (minus the hardware, unfortunately) and you have a vintage valance on the cheap. And one that makes me smile.

So, here's the before...

And here's the after!

(sheet - $1 (thrifted), curtain rod - free, rod hangers - $4 (Home Depot) = Total Cost: $5)

*Sigh. Trying to add more vintage into my personal decor style ... 

More "on the cheap" posts to come!

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