Asa's nursery fixin's (sneak peek)


Remember my inspiration post for little Asa's nursery linens?

I'll do a full nursery guest post after everything is finished in August, but for now, here's a sneak peek at the skirt and one sheet so far! The yellow is more golden, but it's bright and so fun.

The curtain is also finished - it's basically a replica of the tailored skirt. 

We'll be working on the bumper and pillows next week when there will be four family seamstresses (using that term lightly, at least for myself) together to get the rest done.

His crib looks a little lonely without it - don't you think?  Time to dress it up!

(Can't wait for this little guy to arrive!)


  1. I would love to see the final view of your hard work. I am sure your kid will love it.

  2. look at how great it looks! =D we couldnt have done this without you, and are so excited to have him be here to be able to lay him in such a great room. <3 your the best aunty.