star-spangled romper to dress


This was the girl's 4th of July outfit last year.

Except, it was too big. WAY too big. This year, she fits perfectly! However, I wanted her to wear some navy and white starred capri leggings I thrifted with it. Over the ruffly rompered bottom was no good!

So, since it was knit, I promptly cut off the legs and now she can wear it as a little dress and leggings. (It also came with a "baby's first 4th" bib, which she wore last year, but is obviously irrelevant now...)

I'm not much of a "themed" clothing type girl, but this idea was fun, we already had the outfit, and we might as well celebrate!!

KC friends - where is the best place to view 4th of July fireworks in your opinion?? We still have yet to find a place. Any other must-see 4th of July celebrations?

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