a 1943 bi-plane ride


(One more Ohio post... and it's a special one!)

Jeremy was surprised with a 20 minute ride in a 1943 bi-plane (restored) for his birthday while we were in Ohio. So cool!

The pilot (and owner) runs an aircraft refurbishing business and they sell or give those planes to mission organizations or other non-profits that need airplane access. (For example ... Mission Aviation Fellowship in Haiti got a plane from them to fly in the mail - among other things like people and cargo - from Florida every week! Ring a bell, Kosters?) Talk about re-using - they essentially take wrecked planes and rebuild them, giving planes that wouldn't have had a chance except for parts another life!

Jeremy getting in!

Ready to go!

Coming in for a landing (on the grass).

A happy birthday boy. (Thanks again Shunks!)

George rode after Jeremy ...

And guess who else got a surprise ride?! Super fun.

(Dad, you would've LOVED it.)

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