CSA Week 16


This week brought us... (sorry sorry sorry! these pictures are so yellow awful!)

... 4 crisp apples, a bunch of radishes, a lb of grape tomatoes, 1-2 lbs sunchokes  (Jerusalem artichokes), a bunch of arugula, 4 sweet peppers, and a huge bunch of basil!

The pick for this week is the Jerusalem artichokes because I haven't had these or seen these before. I actually thought it was ginger before she said something because of the knobbiness, but these are a veggie that tastes like a cross between potato and artichoke. You can eat them raw but cooked they taste a lot like potato - starchy etc. I'll let you know how they roast up!

Also, I inquired about my bad pears and she said she'd replace them next week. Gotta be assertive!

Finally, I didn't snap a pic because it looked strange and slightly disgusting, but after peeling almost an entire laundry basket full of organic apples (thanks to Val and her parents!) and making loads of applesauce -- frozen not canned -- I ventured into the apple butter realm and oh did my kitchen smell amazing yesterday!

I used Valerie's recipe but let it simmer in the crockpot for 8 hours instead of on the stove. Yum, yum yum. Applesauce, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves ... oh so delicious. Could that combination be anything but pleasure!?

My apples are finally gone, but not in the way of enjoying them!  I'll be baking with the applesauce for quite some time. (I did save out a few apples for Ladybug to eat. She gets a little cup and I slice the apples in it - sans skin because she'll only chew it up and throw it on the carpet - and she goes to town giggling when Jackson gets a bite.) Apple  Butter and Applesauce Spice Cake recipes coming next week!

I love fall!! Are you ready for fall?

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  1. Ryan also has the talent of eating the apple and spitting out the skin. Sadly, we do not have a dog to eat his leftovers. I discovered the skins with my bare feet. Then discovered his trail.

    By the way, the apple butter sounds great! I might have to try some myself.