a gray and yellow nursery (boy version)


I have been waiting several months to do my boy/girl gray and yellow nursery features - and here is the first!

We finally met my nephew, Asa, a couple weeks ago and it was a family effort finishing up the nursery and prepping it for the photo shoot. ("Photo shoot" being used very loosely here, folks.)

There was still enough light when we finished up and snapped the photos.

Besides gray and yellow, you will quickly see that Asa's room is owl-themed.

My BIL, Shawn, is quite the artist and designed and painted the "Asa" mural above the crib. Three walls are a slate gray and window wall is golden yellow. Crib linens will be featured tomorrow, so I won't go into them but see the peek of gray rug? IKEA!

Several of the decorative owls were found at Hobby Lobby. I also had a few squares of wood from a failed decor project that I brought along with three wooden initials. We painted the squares yellow and the "AMH" white. Cute, no?

Shawn is also quite handy with a bottle of spray paint and perfectly coated this ceramic owl. I think he's my favorite one!

And, remember the 9-square shelf for Ladybug's nursery? My dad built another but this time a custom built-in window shelf and bookcase! So impressive.

Jenn fell in love with these prints on Etsy and I quickly told her I could easily duplicate them in InDesign. So I did.

The full-size dresser was a thrifted find that they painted and then my preggo sister helped haul it up the stairs! Sheesh!

While we were there J&S came across a discarded garage sale lamp on the neighbor's curb - in all it's floraly goodness. But, seeing past the flowers, they saw a great lamp and Shawn used his mad spray painting skills (seriously, I'm jealous. He's that good.) to get this lamp in tip-top shape. Doesn't it look amazing? Practically brand new!

(I just realized I don't have a full-picture of the built-in, but every picture I took facing the window is awful! The other half is up a few pictures.)

We had fun "staging" the shelves.

Even the littlest details were thought of, like fan pulls.

And that's it! What do you think? Didn't it pull together nicely?

I really, really like it - J&S the hard work was worth it!

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  1. Very nice! I am especially impressed with the spray canning. Mine usually has a drip or two because I'm too impatient. I've very excited to see the bedding update. Cool!