CSA Week 22: Final post!


Last CSA post! Are you relieved? I am slightly. But, more on that in a minute.

This week...

... a bunch of turnips, red mustard greens, 5 pears, microgreens, large head of Chinese (Napa) cabbage, bag of lettuce and a head of garlic.

I'm not super excited about much this week except the pears! I have a pear galette on the brain for some reason. If they would only ripen quickly and at the same time!!

Anyway, week 1 held a huge Napa cabbage for us and I suppose what goes around comes around. Here in week 22 is another! I was not impressed with the taste (VERY bitter) at all. I'm slightly tired of trying to use up the root veggies and we're not big salad people. Hmm.

Not to complain. I've really enjoyed this experience and thanks for letting me document it on my blog! I wanted to keep a detailed version so when we decide in the future whether or not to do it again, I can go back and look.

Upsides of a CSA: fresh, local, organic produce. Supporting a local farmer was a very big motivator, not to mention feeding my family produce without pesticides! Getting to know the farmer by name and having to be creative in my cooking, and eating things we wouldn't normally buy!

Downsides of a CSA: the drive every Tuesday night was getting old. But the biggies were that it was pricey (cut into my food budget quite a bit after while!) and the produce we don't like going bad in the fridge ... then me feeling guilty for paying for it and then wasting it.

Like I said, overall it was good, but everything has downsides.

Tell me, if you read these posts, what did you learn about CSAs? Or buying local? I'm curious. :-)


  1. I think they should raise an organic cow and throw in organic beef every week.

  2. Anonymous12:52 AM

    I shop at the fruit and veggie stands (we have tons!) and the local Farmers' Markets (three close to us). I have more control over what I buy and can still get organic and local.