Ash Wed - Lent begins!


You may've noticed less of me around these parts for the last 2 weeks and that will probably continue. I've been planning our church's Ash Wednesday service for a couple of weeks and between screaming two year old and no extra time, blogging has taken a back seat quickly.

I actually am giving up a majority of my time online for Lent so you also may not see me for another 6 weeks except here and there. I will have to be online some because of my business and some communication that has to take place online (I'm not going to be that strict about it) - but definitely the majority of my time. I'm going to miss my DIY and beautifully inspiring blogs!

I will, however, blog about the Ash Wednesday service and may even let you into a few of my thoughts as I fill the newly empty space in my life with more of Him.

How will you observe Lent this year?

Need some ideas on how to celebrate Lent as a family? Go here.

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  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Terrific job last night! Thank you! Annette