Thrifting score! {Irish Coffee Mugs}


I've been looking for some Irish coffee mugs since before Christmas - Jeremy even got me some clear glass mugs for Christmas, but all of the rims weren't cast smoothly, and I really didn't like drinking out of them. So back they went.

{Irish coffee mugs remind me of my favorite cafe in Schaffhausen, Switzerland - they are fun to drink from and they make for great pictures!}

So we searched online and all of the new clear tea/coffee mugs were either very expensive or very fragile (neither one good for me). I just gave it up for then.

To my surprise, the other day I saw these sitting at a thrift store - 2 for $1.98.

I'll take those, yes please.

These two are replacing a set of 4 I thrifted - which have joined the garage sale pile.


Tea pictured: Organic Herbal Berry Tea from Grandpa's Cheesebarn in Ohio. YUM!


  1. What cafe is your favorite?

    1. Just what I was going to ask! What's your favorite cafe in SH? :-)

    2. :-) I should've linked it before. Cafe Vordergasse, of course!