Garden Update: Spring is *finally* here!


After a few frozen plants and frustrating weather, spring is finally here! {I hope.} I came back from a long weekend to see my flowers and herbs had grown in the sunshine, and my strawberries are blooming like crazy!

I am container gardening mostly this year - and only tomatoes, peppers and herbs. In the actual ground I've planted garlic, kale and a couple of extra tomatoes for kicks. Oh, and green beans - two out of 20-25 sprouted, so I'm not really hopeful for a bountiful harvest of those...

 {my hosta came back!}

{dill and parsley}
{front door flowers - I need to replace the one that didn't like the May snowfall}

After last year's frustrating growing season and drought, this is my last go with a garden here. If container gardening works out, I'll be thrilled. If not, I'll shrug and say, "oh well." Kansas just isn't a great place to grow things. At least not for my not-so-green thumb.

We're planning to make regular trips to the Farmer's Market in town on Saturdays to make up for my garden's lack and to buy local, fresh and organic (the CSA pick-ups stopped in our area, so that decision was easy). Two weeks ago we scored with a huge bag of wintered spinach for $3 and a dozen pastured eggs - green, brown and white - for $4. I'll keep my budget low, but I am craving fresh!!

What are you craving? Are you growing anything? Do share!!

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