weekend thrifting finds!


This weekend I let the garage-sale craziness sweep me away. And I think I'm good for quite awhile.

I wanted to share my vintage finds (although I did find a few other clothing items, etc for Ladybug and me) - some for the Market, some for me.

At one sale, a guy was just trying to get rid of things. The Brother Valiant typewriter I scored for $1 (YES! a dollar!) and all of the 78s (the round case and burgundy album) for $2. He was basically giving stuff away. How could I resist!? Oh, and the working 1959 Zenith alarm clock for $5.

Four blue ball jars with lids ($3 ea), a small blue ball jar for .50, a flour sifter for $2 and a Mouli grater for $2.

I've wanted a typewriter forever just to display and this one is small and perfect. I love it!

I found the large Ball jars (above) and this perfect little table for Ladybug at an estate sale on Friday morning after our garage sale rounds. The table was tucked in the basement and still waiting for me when I got there. I scooped her up quick - and good thing because there was a collector there!

One leg must be slightly shorter and they all need a coat of ivory paint, but it was exactly what I was looking for.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was!! It pretty much wiped us out (Jeremy too as he was home with Ladybug) and my garage saleing itch is scratched for awhile, but it was so enjoyable.

I'll be sharing the rest of my vintage clothing finds soon!

Thrifted anything great lately? 'Tis the season!



  1. Love the typewriter, I've been wanting one for several years - and only $1 - what a deal!