a DIY square pallet wood planter


Did you notice the pretty planter on my cart makeover yesterday?

I originally wanted to mount a wood planter on the kitchen (the room with the most sun = where plants don't die) wall to save some table space, but after it was all said and done, it was too big and awkward to put on the wall. Anywhere. Boo.

Lesson learned. However, this was a big disappointment, especially how much blood, sweat and tears went into this project. Read on for that story because making this planter is actually quite simple.

How to turn this....

into THIS!

What to do: I had gathered some pallet scraps to take to my dad's house so he could help me whip up this planter really quickly. We measured it so the inside was 7-1/4" wide so the plastic insert would fit right into it. Then we ripped (cut longways) several different pieces at different widths to get a staggered (handmade and imperfect) look. Using the air compressor, we nailed up the sides. Then we cut a very thin piece of board to fit the bottom and nailed it on too. Later, I took it home and sanded it down, then stained it.

What not to do: The way to turn this project into a blood, sweat and tears project is to ignore that your dad doesn't have his blade guard on the table saw and watch in horror as he accidentally slices his finger on the blade. Yes, blood, 6 stitches and all.

Oh, and the tears were mine.

To add to the drama, he is extremely squeamish when it comes to blood, especially his own, so he's basically fainting on the floor while we try to see if his finger is gone. You can imagine all of the scary feelings running through my head as I scream for my mom to come help. All for a dumb project that didn't even turn out to go on the wall.

Oh well, it's finished. Thanks for your help and sacrifice for my silly ideas, Dad.


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