Junking (!)


This past weekend, my favorite picker friend and I (with her husband for some brawn and an extra vehicle) scouted the "big garbage pick up" neighborhoods north of us.

IT WAS CRAZY. The area was literally crawling with trucks and trailers and vehicles piled so high with junk that you wouldn't believe! Some had a method to their madness (metal scrappers), others not so much.

I came away with a few things.

Most of it is wood for the Market, but I'll probably retop and repaint the sewing cabinet (I just need to choose an idea!) and sell it on CL.

Aren't the skis great?? They need a good hosing down, but my dad learned to ski on a pair very similar to these in the 60s!!

At the same pile I found the skis I also found two amazing dresses from the 50s! Yes, friends, trash pile fashion. That's how I roll. Will feature these as soon as they are spiffed up.


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