OR-GAN-IZE (toddler clip organizer)


One of my goals is to live well in our (small) space. If I am going to achieve this, I need to be intentional about organization and the stuff we own. I started thinking about it last fall, but with all of my fall activities and then the holidays, it's been pushed to the cliched January.

Oh well. Better than never.

We've sold several things on Craigslist, gotten rid of a bunch of unused/unneeded clothing, books, decor items and STUFF. I have a plan for every room of the house, actually and will share as I go, but here's a little corner for now.

I was tired of looking at my three-year old's clip corner. It was just kind of a mess. So, I took an extra barnwood frame, some picture hanging wire and a stapler and made a little clip organizer for her.

Yes. I can breathe now.

Much better.

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