Montessori kitchen help: peeling carrots


I love that Montessori activities are geared toward a lot of practical activities. First, because they teach kids to do every day things, and then, because it's not a long, drawn out, have-to-prepare-lots-in-advance-for thing. This Mama likes that.

Take peeling carrots for example. We needed more carrots to munch on - I buy the larger carrots because they are cheaper and dip sticks better to them than packaged baby carrots (or so my husband says). But, we do have to peel and cut those guys and my daughter can help! (Even in her "wedding" dress.)

One of the books I read suggested letting eighteen month olds do that. Um, no thanks (that blade is sharp, even if I'm standing right there!), but I'll let my three-year-old do it. (What?! Would you let a baby have a vegetable peeler??)

Other safe kitchen activities:

- peeling carrots, duh
- measuring ingredients (baked goods are great!)
- cutting up a banana with a blunt knife for a snack
- spreading peanut butter/jelly on a sandwich
- pouring a drink for themselves

Any other kitchen ideas (for preschoolers) I've not covered?


  1. I love peeling vegetable in her wedding dress. :) Little Cinderella...

  2. I just found your blog through a Pinterest post. I am enjoying your writing and your style.

    Other kitchen ideas: Setting the table, Unloading the dishwasher or putting away small dishes, including silverware.

    I taught my kids to pour their drinks on the dishwasher door, so any spills went inside afterwards. It made clean up and independence much simpler.