Wealth: Is it just about money?


One person pretends to be rich, yet has nothing;
    another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth. (Prov 13:7)


 What defines wealth? Who defines it for you?

While I've pondered this, I'm reminded of a blog post about the richness of India and my thought that the poor in Haiti may just be richer spiritually as a result of their complete reliance on the provision of God.

I've observed the inability of many to say no and the desperate need for time and space in our lives.

The desperate need for time and space in my life.

Last week I accidentally, yet so easily, overscheduled myself and found that I was having difficulty concentrating, being motivated and was waking up several times during the night because of stress! This is exactly what I've been trying to avoid.

"There are many other ways to measure and experience quality of life besides material wealth: time affluence, the joy and contentment of health, strong bonds with other people, civic participation, creativity, kindness, autonomy, security, serenity, generosity, wisdom and so on. Yet these forms of real wealth are often neglected as we chase from one job, errand or appointment to another, trying to buy what we could obtain far more directly if the story had a different plot and our system was set up differently."
Less is More (p. 216)

And I want to change my thinking. I want to look at a gorgeous house and appreciate it, but not be dissatisfied with my own. I want to be able to trade income (money) for more time and truly believe I am richer for it. I want to be rich in love (Ps. 145:8) rather than things.

If only I wasn't running against the tide, trying to redefine these things for myself. If only society (and, yes, I am generalizing) considered wealth to be more than just big houses, nice clothes, and lots of stuff. If only I wasn't so easily sucked into that definition of success!

Thus, this is my goal. To be "wealthy" in time, in space, in breath, in contentment with what I have (to want what I have), in relationship and family, in my creative endeavors, and richness in Christ.

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