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hanging copper planters


Okay, I lied last post. I did work on a home project, but only because it was a very inspiring anniversary gift.

Jeremy and I celebrated 7 years last month (woot!), and we always do a spin on the traditional gift for each other, partly because it helps spur our creativity and partly because it's just fun. The seven year traditional anniversary gift is copper.

So, I might have convinced him to purchase some 3.5" copper half spheres for me to make into air plant planters. (I've really wanted air plants for awhile, so perfect timing.) THEN Inspiration struck. It struck like it hasn't in quite a while. Remember the far-off-and-away post explaining my living room dilemma?

(like from 2 years ago? okay, maybe only one. Still, I'm sure you remember. *eye roll* Or not.)

Where I couldn't decide what to put here? In that annoying space left from my off-center living room shelves? AHHH! A year later my creative brain has pulled through, thankyouverymuch.

I was limiting my imaginings to something I could hang on the wall - instead I came up with something to hang from the upper shelf. YES! And voilà

While copper isn't cheap, the rest of the items to complete the project were pretty simple:

- 3 copper half spheres
- suede lace
- cup hooks
- air plants (found here

Super simple process: I knotted 3 pieces of suede lace - all approximately the same size for one planter - at the top and bottom. Each one I made slightly different lengths on purpose. Install cup hooks, slide in half spheres and hang! And that's that! 

(I know my shelves need some summer styling love. Anyone want to come help? I'm so out of it.) 

Don't expect too much more in this realm, but I did have to share.

Interested in air plants? Check out this tutorial from the girls at A Beautiful Mess to find out more! They are pretty cool!

anniversary date (the no kid kind!)


On Saturday we were incredibly blessed with an entire night away without kid(s)! This was her first overnight away from parents and home, but our good friends who know her well took marvelous care of her. She got sweaty and dirty and played hard and didn't utter our names once. That's our girl!

We went back to Kansas City and visited the three floors of the River Market Antique Mall before we decided we were tired and ready to eat.

We saw a lot of great things including ...
this great trunk (coffee table anyone?!)

(Above) An incredible Heywood-Wakefield midcentury piece - I almost died. And a great mod-looking orange stove from the 70s. I love that style but am not sure it's MY style.

(Below) And, an ode to my dad. Did you know John Deere's colors were originally yellow and red? This sign is from the very early 20th century. I thought about picking it up for my dad until I saw the tag. "Rare" and $1000 don't fit my budget. Sorry Dad. ;-)

We went to eat at The Farmhouse - a local eaterie with great atmosphere, eclectic staff and an incredible menu. Completely supported by local farms - it's fresh and local! It's pricey, but a great place to celebrate a special occasion. And we did!

Here is my husband of 5 years.

I indulged in a "mocktail" of lavender lemonade - delicious - and we shared an appetizer of fresh, local cheeses with sauces on crisp, salty homemade crackers.

The Farmhouse comes highly recommended! Thanks for sharing in our special weekend. Now on to the next 5 years.  

*rose garden*


Part of our Loose Park adventure last Friday was its infamous Rose Garden. Absolutely stunningly beautiful and sweet smelling roses in so many colors. Here are just a few.

anniversary (family) outing.


Friday was our 5th anniversary - we celebrated family-style with a picnic in the park. Loose Park in Kansas City to be exact. Complete with anniversary cheesecake, a sweet, swinging 2 year old, lots of green grass and a vintage romper.

Lovely, relaxing and completely enjoyable. I love having no agenda but to be together.