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cutest boy ever! sock monkey inspired.


I can be biased, right? There are no baby boys in the family (or boys at all for that matter!) and this little dude is the only one. My nephew. (Aren't I lucky?)

And we LOOOVE him, along with those long eyelashes and squeezy cheeks.

J, S Hodges

My sister dug out his Christmas present and tried it on him (the tummy buttons are popping - love it!) and it was perfect. Little Mister is 6 months old and this sock monkey inspired outfit started with the onesie. I picked it up and it immediately reminded me of a sock monkey - so I searched on Etsy to find the perfect sock monkey hat and ...

J, S Hodges

...tada!! Here he is.

A new nephew!


Yesterday was the long-awaited day for everyone, but (obviously) especially Jenn and Shawn. And the wait is over! Now it's go-time for this little guy in the big new world. Have you ever wondered what it's like for a newborn who has been in the dark for his entire existence to suddenly be thrust into a world of loud noise and bright light and poking and prodding? Overwhelming to be sure.

(He's asleep in all these pictures! Little guy's had a rough day.)

They had quite the time bringing him in - after several hours of labor and an hour of pushing they decided to give him a little suction and then Asa made his way into the world! 5:46pm at 7lbs and 19.75 inches long. I guess he's considered a big baby. After carrying around a 24 pounder, 7 pounds is tiny!

My mom and I were calling back and forth getting the play-by-play and were just having fun fun fun with it. When you're not the one in labor, it's exciting and still nerve-wracking!! But in a completely different way. Sigh.

And we have to wait 3 whole weeks to meet this little guy (but I guess after 8 months, what's 3 weeks more? Can't do much about it since a private jet isn't sitting out in our hangar...).

Still so happy and excited that the day of birth is over. Always eventful but being on the other side of it (as the aunt) - it's exciting and wonderful! I'm so thrilled to be a first time aunt. And he's the first boy grandchild, so the wonderful world of boy things makes it fun too.

He doesn't have as much hair as they were expecting - but Jenn says he's just so sweet! I can't wait to show off his finished nursery either. What fun.

Congrats Jenn and Shawn!! He's been worth the wait.

(Now I just have to wait to hold him...) :-)