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autumn ready: faux leaf fall banner


boy howdy honey, fall better get here! it's been 100 degrees and i have about had it. the bugs and humidity and heat all need to melt away into gorgeous, breezy days full of autumn color.

i've been readying myself for fall. a friend (thanks Val!) gave me some apples like last year - an almost overflowing copy paper boxful! - and I've been peeling, slicing, mashing and inhaling heavenly scents these days.

there were only two in the whole box that were supermarket-worthy and I loved that! they were oddly-shaped, but organic, healthy and free! besides, why does fruit need to be uniform? i think the variations are gorgeous. but, I digress.

I've also put out - all four of - my fall decorations to let the world and weather know that I. Am. Ready. (I'd also love a good, spicy fall candle. Any recommendations?) I came across some faux fall leaves from last year and decided to autumn-ify my living room shelf - it's kind of like my mantle, you know, changing with the seasons.

And this was an excellent project for {Ladybug} to be involved in! She did great and took it so seriously. Can you tell?

supplies needed: faux leaves, twine, tapestry (blunt) needle, hole punch, scissors and thumb tacks. 

Just punch, thread and hang! I punched several leaves at a time because they were so thin - it worked much better that way.

(Someone was excited!) I hung the twine on the back of my barnwood frame between thumb tacks. Fluff leaves until you're happy.

And voila! Fall. What do you think?

A perfect toddler activity! (As long as she is careful with the needle, of course.)

the punkin patch


We went to the pumpkin patch on Friday ... and brrr! It was chilly! In the comparison pictures you'll see we are all wearing more clothing.

But it was sure fun!

First stop, "How Tall This Fall?"

Last year. And this year (almost a foot difference!).

And the pumpkin pose - Jeremy makes us take it every year. :-)

2010 and 2011

This year!

Ladybug had a lot of fun, although she really had no interest in taking pictures nor looking at the camera.

Pretty much she just wanted to see the cows. (Now she wants to see pictures of cows online on demand! She's crazy about them!) 

She first honed in on a white pumpkin that was pretty sick looking. She carried it around for quite awhile and I was going to let her buy it (because beauty is in the eye of the beholder afterall...) but then I touched it. It was wilty and squishy! No wonder it looked bad. :-) Needless to say, I wasn't paying for a bad pumpkin so we found another one. Just her size.

Our punkin stash. We love Schaakes!