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autumn ready: faux leaf fall banner


boy howdy honey, fall better get here! it's been 100 degrees and i have about had it. the bugs and humidity and heat all need to melt away into gorgeous, breezy days full of autumn color.

i've been readying myself for fall. a friend (thanks Val!) gave me some apples like last year - an almost overflowing copy paper boxful! - and I've been peeling, slicing, mashing and inhaling heavenly scents these days.

there were only two in the whole box that were supermarket-worthy and I loved that! they were oddly-shaped, but organic, healthy and free! besides, why does fruit need to be uniform? i think the variations are gorgeous. but, I digress.

I've also put out - all four of - my fall decorations to let the world and weather know that I. Am. Ready. (I'd also love a good, spicy fall candle. Any recommendations?) I came across some faux fall leaves from last year and decided to autumn-ify my living room shelf - it's kind of like my mantle, you know, changing with the seasons.

And this was an excellent project for {Ladybug} to be involved in! She did great and took it so seriously. Can you tell?

supplies needed: faux leaves, twine, tapestry (blunt) needle, hole punch, scissors and thumb tacks. 

Just punch, thread and hang! I punched several leaves at a time because they were so thin - it worked much better that way.

(Someone was excited!) I hung the twine on the back of my barnwood frame between thumb tacks. Fluff leaves until you're happy.

And voila! Fall. What do you think?

A perfect toddler activity! (As long as she is careful with the needle, of course.)