January's Loaf -- (The First Loaf)


I made January's loaf last week. It sure was yummy!

I'm using this old version of Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Breads - a gift from a good friend several years back. I've baked several loaves from this book, but never was super intentional about trying different kinds.

For the first month, I decided to do the very first recipe called "The First Loaf" - a white, yeast loaf that is supposed to be very easy and executed flawlessly.

Well, it made our home smell WONDERFUL but I've definitely made prettier loaves.

Do you see the weird spot on the right side of the loaf? It looks like it raised too quickly in the oven and the top raised right off. (It's not supposed to do that.)

I have to admit that our oven is kinda junky - it's been hot, but lately about 50 degrees hot. Not cool. So I'm pretty sure it was still too hot when I baked these - thus the weird pulling apart on top. A junky oven is hard to fulfill my one new loaf a month challenge, but I'm going to keep trying.

It still was tasty! Especially hot out of the oven with buttah. Mmm.

** I'm not going to detail the recipes for sake of time, however if you see a loaf you like one month and want the recipe, I am more than willing to send you a copy! Just email me at lisamarie (dot) de (at) gmail (dot) com.

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