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Garden 2012: Planted!


Over Easter, my parents helped me till and plant the rest of my garden. I've decided that this is the last year I'm growing in my garden soil - if it doesn't do well, I'm going to pots next year.

So, we'll see about the experiment as the summer goes on. But as for now, here is my garden!

A few small rows of sweet corn, one row of watermelon, red onions and an egg carton full of pepper seedlings (which haven't sprouted yet...)

One row of sugar snap peas, two rows of bush green beans, parsley, dill, basil, chives, garlic, yellow onions, a cherry tomato and a roma tomato plant.

and my (free) flower garden. Lots of experiments this year!

Grow tomatoes, grow!

And on the other side, a few strawberry buds. Maybe we'll get more than 5 berries this year!

 Can't wait for the produce I am hoping for!