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Upcycled Retro Throw Pillows


(I have a feeling things will be a little bit slow around here the next few days, but bear with me. I have projects to finish, just a bit of slowing down to do amidst my jobs and family. So, if I'm MIA around this joint, you know not to worry.)


My sewing machine seems to work in spurts these days. I tried again the other night and successfully have sewn a project I've been meaning to do for awhile! I LOVE finishing these envisioned projects - especially when they've been longer in the works than necessary. 

Insert "Upcycled Retro Throw Pillows" !

Unfortunately, my scissors beat me to taking a "before" picture - which happens much too often! Sorry. It was just a sleeveless cross-bodice A-line simple handmade retro (think flower power) dress. I wore it to one college function, but it was a bit too tight up top. And, if you know me, that pretty much means any normal person couldn't wear it.

So, I cut it up.

Added some awesome vintage salmon polyester (never been used by my grandma) and ta da!!

Amazing (in my opinion), retro, flower power throw pillows. Check 'em out here