Progress reports (1): record player


this week is the week for PROGRESS REPORTS! so, I've been out of school for 5 years and now that it's summer I'm getting my progress reports in.


remember my 25 cent gem?  i have been slowly chipping away at it (literally) and finally drug it outside to see how it would sand down.

my Google detective husband tracked down that it's from 1946 and some of these Bendix record players are collectibles. ours may be too water damaged to be worth much but we connected a wire, plugged it in, and it spins! (it also gives off an electrical fence-like shock when you touch the metal parts and gets really hot and smelly. so we quickly turned it off and unplugged it.)

but, we both think there is hope for our little record player.

here's the progress. definitely has some work still, but it's coming along!

took the door off for sanding.

looking better!

trim: not sanded vs. sanded

I'm still considering paint colors but leaning towards a golden yellow. Bright shiny red did go through my head, but I think it might hang around our living room for awhile and red wouldn't match... what do you think?

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  1. Yellow would be lovely. :)
    Good work.